Jeannene Schnell - Children's House Teacher

Jeannene joins Nido with 36 years experience working with toddlers and preschoolers. She received her Montessori primary credential from the Albanesi Education Center in 1997. Since then, she has been dedicated to fostering Montessori environments for the youngest learners.

Jeannene takes care to get to know every child and mold the environment to the group's specific needs. This attention to detail is one of the many reasons Jeannene is able to inspire children to do great work in her classroom. She is particularly community-minded, making her a great fit for Nido. She loves getting to know the whole family of each child in her classroom, and she views the parent-teacher relationship as a team working together in the best interest of the child. She uses parents' insights to guide her own interactions with the children in her classroom.  

Lis Tyroler - Co-founder

Lis was one of Nido's original members.  Lis oversees the childcare program at Nido and is our systems and organizational guru. She has a background in social work and clinical research and has always found herself fulfilled when working to build community and relationships.

She loves watching her child engage in the meaningful work that Montessori education facilitates while she gets to focus on her own work and mission. As a native of Durham, she is excited to get to bring this opportunity to all of her fellow Durham parents. 

Lis is also a photographer. You can view her portraiture at Lis Tyroler Photography and commercial work at Detail and Design.

Tiffany Frye - Co-founder

Tiff began work on Nido in August 2013, when she went back to work in her home office when her daughter was 3 months old. She soon realized that there were a lot of parents trying to do the juggling act of flexible work and full-time childcare. There wasn't an option to support this lifestyle, so she set out to develop Nido. 

This eventually led to the birth of the in-home Nido co-op, which proved the need for coworking and childcare. Nido moved from Tiff's house to our current location on Broad Street in May 2014. Tiff currently handles events, coworking operations, and marketing at Nido. 

In addition to her work at Nido, she is a social media consultant at Detail and Design, a local communications and marketing collective.