Nido is the southeast's only coworking space with on-site childcare. 


Nido was born out of the need for a new solution for work-life balance. We recognize that many parents are taking a new route - staying at home to start their own businesses, working as freelancers, or engaging in other independent pursuits. Many of us do this so we can have flexibility and the freedom to see our children whenever we want. 

It's great in theory - but it quickly becomes difficult to balance the demands on our attention and to feel like we're giving our all to both our children and our work. 

This is exactly the problem we set out to solve when we started Nido in Tiff's house in late fall of 2014. We started as a home-based co-op, each of us sharing in the collective care of our children so that we could all benefit from a few hours of quiet time to pursue our work and hobbies. It worked so well, that we quickly started looking for a commercial space so that we could expand to serve more families. 

Since May 2015, we've been located on Broad Street, in Durham, NC. We are in an old craftsman cottage that originally housed a glass shop and is in close proximity to many other small businesses and only a 5 minute drive to downtown.  We have a beautiful and comfortable coworking space, lined with floor-to-ceiling windows to let in light throughout the day. We have a conference room and a private work room that can both be reserved. And while you're in our workspace, your children are just a doorway away in a Montessori classroom, doing their own creative work. Our half-day programs serve children 4 months-5 years and are led by experience full-time teachers who design and manage the classroom environment to match the children's changing developmental needs. Our infant and toddler room is inspired by the Montessori Method, and our Children's House offers a complete Montessori preschool education for your growing child.  

But Nido is more than just a space - it's a community. You'll find that for many of us, our fellow Nido families are our first stop when we have a parenting question or are looking for some business advice. We have events to support your professional and parenting interests and just to get to know one another a little bit better. Many Nido events are open to the public. 

Click here for information on our different membership levels and to start the enrollment process. For all other inquiries, please email us at or call us at 919.307.6436.  If you're interested in learning more about our model or are thinking about starting a coworking + childcare space in your town, please visit our Other Services page where you can learn about the ways we are supporting other families in creating spaces in their own communities. 

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