Monthly Webinar

Each month, we host a webinar for folks around the country who are setting up coworking spaces with on-site childcare programs. We take questions before and during the webinar and invite everyone to participate and share their knowledge. There is a wide range in the types of programs different groups are starting, so it is always a fun and informative time to learn from one another. 

Our next three webinars are scheduled for May 17, June 21, and July 19, all at 2-3pm EST. 

Click here to join the May 17 broadcast. 


As the need for coworking + childcare continues to increase, we want to help others on their journey to crafting their own unique space that serves their community's needs. We currently have in development the following resources:

  • Member handbook template
  • Workbook for starting a home-based coworking + childcare co-op (that's how Nido started!)
  • Guidelines for building community in your space
  • Workbook for selecting and designing your space
  • Employee handbook template

All of our resources are designed to assist you in identifying your core mission and principles and lead you as you build your program around your community's values. 


We are also available to work with you one-on-one as you develop and implement your program. We have seen lots of ups and downs, pitfalls and successes, and would love to help you troubleshoot so you can build your dream space. 

We can assist with:

  • Writing a business plan, including developing financial projections
  • Developing organizational systems (Lis specializes in setting up 17hats so that your business can run smoothly)
  • Leadership coaching
  • Long-term strategy

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