Group Coaching with Nido

Are you looking to change your community by opening a coworking + childcare space in your town?

Let us support your journey through our Group Coaching program.


2 Group Coaching Sessions per Month

We gather via live group videochat hosted on Zoom 2x per month. We take your questions beforehand and respond to your problems, as well as offer targeted advice based on that month's theme. 

One Webinar per Month

Each month, Lis and Tiff will send you a webinar that goes in depth into that month's subject matter. This could range from how to build community to streamlining organizational workflows. Content will be based on your cohort's needs. 

One Downloadable Template or Action Plan per Month

We will send you a template or action plan each month. These will be easy-to-follow printable materials guiding you through such subjects as: creating financial projections, designing your member template, conducting a vision session with your community, and so on, depending on the needs of your cohort. 

Private Facebook Group

You will have lifetime access to our private facebook group where you can ask questions, offer support, and connect with Tiff, Lis, and all of the other amazing people who are leading the charge on developing coworking + childcare throughout the world. 

Two Cohorts

Click below to see the content outline for our two cohorts. There are two options, depending on where you are in the lifecycle of your project.

If you're working on your idea, program design, or business plan, choose "Getting Started". If you have a location and have already opened, choose "Up and Running".