Here are some questions that often come up with new and prospective members.


1. Do you have a coworking-only membership?

Yes. It is called our Community Membership, and we have two options: 

Our full-time option includes access to our community workspace every day 8:30am-5pm. You get 10 hours of reserved conference room time per month and free access to all of our events - happy hours, parenting discussions and education sessions, and business development workshops. $300/mo.

Our part-time option includes 20 hours per week access to our community workspace between the hours of 8:30am and 5pm. You get 5 hours of reserved conference room time per month and free access to all of our events. $180/mo.

Email us at to inquire about availability for a community membership.

2. Do you have a childcare-only membership?

No. We do not offer an option for drop-off childcare. Our preschool program is only open to members of the coworking space. Our members value the tight-knit community that has developed at Nido and would not want to dilute that feel by accepting members who would be dropping their children off and leaving. 

3. If I have a coworking + childcare membership, can I go off-site, or do I have to be in the coworking space at all times?

Our members have decided that a distribution of 75% on-site time and 25% off-site time is what best supports our current community. You are welcome to go off-site for errands, meetings, appointments, etc. We just ask that you spend most of your time in the coworking space and that you sign out whenever you leave. 

4. Do you have private meeting space?

Yes. We have a conference room which can be reserved by the hour on our shared google calendar. Every coworking + childcare member has 10 hours of reserved conference room time per month. We have an additional separate workroom and a lounge which are not soundproofed, but which serve as good spaces for folks that would prefer to work alone rather than in the shared space. 

5. How does your co-op system work?

All members (community members and coworking + childcare members) are asked to contribute 2-4 hours per month to our community. We use an app called Trello to sign up for co-op tasks. Tasks range from assisting in the classroom, to making coffee, from writing our newsletter or blog, to helping us do a weekend deep clean. There is always something for everyone, and we love to hear suggestions for new tasks!

6. Do you have an outdoor play space?

Yes. We have a large sandbox, a mulched play area, and a garden. We have lots of playground balls, buckets, shovels, and child-sized gardening tools to keep our kiddos busy.

7. Is your tuition prorated for months that have closures for holidays or teacher workdays?

No. Our tuition is determined for the whole term, and then divided into monthly payments. Your monthly payment represents a portion of the term's tuition, not the services for that specific month. Our holidays and workdays are factored into our prices when the tuition is set.


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