This is the text from the December 2017 Coworking & Childcare chatbox. We hope you find it useful! 


00:03:01    Kate White:    We can hear you :)

00:07:49    Kate White:    If everyone except could mute, that’d be good!

00:08:06    Kate White:    *except nido

00:08:34    Yoselin Gonzalez:    PRESS F4

00:12:32    Kira Sjoberg:    So you’re incorporating as a 501(c)(3)?

00:12:59    Marlene Weiss:    what was the driving force to change?

00:13:04    Jackie Maniscalco:    A big change - what were the major factors for the decision?

00:13:07    Kate White:    Can you describe the reasoning behind transitioning to a nonprofit?

00:13:14    Kate White:    👍

00:16:12    Kira Sjoberg:    Yes :)

00:16:32    Kira Sjoberg:    I have a nonprofit but we were thinking about having a for-profit component, too.

00:16:53    Kira Sjoberg:    I’m at a starbucks so it’s super noisy in here.

00:16:57    Kira Sjoberg:    Sorry

00:17:26    Martine Resnick:    we have considered it but looking at going down the for profit route for now. one reason (not only one) is people often expect for women businesses to be non-profit. 

00:17:56    Jackie Maniscalco:    We thought about it but were too far in the process to reorganize with a Board, etc.

00:19:09    Martine Resnick:    did you guys consider LLC VS. CCorp / corportation?

00:19:14    Kira Sjoberg:    I think it’s smart! I know you probably get questions on insurance all the time. Do you have a recommendation on a childcare insurance provider?

00:20:55    Jackie Maniscalco:    Our accountant said S-corp prob not worth it

00:21:00    Martine Resnick:    thanks! helpful

00:21:27    Tracy Epps:    I work for the Wildflower Montessori foundation. we r planning to open an infant toddler school next fall in the Bay Area (California). We have an opportunity to lease a third space very cheaply and are considering opening a co-working space. this would fall under our umbrella non-profit. but still not sure how to gauge community interest or support

00:22:39    Tracy Epps:    I wasn’t asking about the non-profit aspect. It can fall under our current non-profit status.

00:23:00    Tracy Epps:    Just sharing we r still not sure how to

00:24:09    Martine Resnick:    we've been sending out a survey (google surveys) to gauge local interest

00:24:22    Martine Resnick:    and planning more indepth focus group in the new year.

00:25:19    Tracy Epps:

00:26:03    Yoselin Gonzalez:    Hi Tracy.  Where in the Bay Area? 

00:26:12    Tracy Epps:    Pittsburg

00:27:11    Yoselin Gonzalez:    I am in San Francisco and I would love to talk more about it :)

00:27:47    Yoselin Gonzalez:    let me know and we could exchange emails :)

00:29:13    Kira Sjoberg:    I feel like there’s such a huge need for these spaces that competition isn’t a huge concern.

00:30:13    Camille Galdes:    I agree--and to Tiffany's point, I think there's a lot of room at coworking+childcare for unique programming that can make your space stand out, i.e. kids birthday parties, professional support that is catered to parents, etc.

00:30:17    Kate White:    I think the bigger concern for competition is daycare chains trying to add on a coworking space :)

00:31:15    Camille Galdes:    true--which is where I think your model comes in. Our space is flexible / drop-in and that is much of our competitive edge and what daycare chains wouldn't be able to replicate.

00:33:12    Marlene Weiss:    this is marlene of The Inc. and we’re in Seattle. We are a preschool-exempt school and the max is 4 hours

00:33:24    Tracy Epps:    That is my understanding

00:33:24    Camille Galdes:    we are able to do up to 3 hours, which has worked all right--i've thought about offering something like the programming that libraries have, because at least here (DC area) the libraries are completely overwhelmed with baby classes, etc

00:33:53    Tracy Epps:    No time restrictions in CA as long as parents are on the premises.

00:34:11    Amanda Krochik:    thank you :)

00:34:16    Camille Galdes:    hey Naomi, we still need to connect!

00:34:18    Amanda Quick:    Amanda in Missouri with The Hatchery. Our restriction is 4 hours a day. It’s mostly free play, but are working on creating more structure/stations/crafts

00:34:42    Jackie Maniscalco:    In PA as long as parents on site, no restrictions

00:35:35    Naomi Rasmussen:    i’d be really interested in talking about insurance if we can

00:35:41    Marlene Weiss:    our preschool room is a session-based flexible preschool : 9am-1pm. parents can pick their days or even decide to come in the same day but it’s 4 hours and parents can drop-off as long as their kids are potty-trained. for our toddler room, it’s open for only 4 hours but is an hourly drop-in with a min of 2 hrs.

00:36:10    Marlene Weiss:    and toddler parents and preschooler parents with kids who aren’t potty-trained must stay onsite

00:36:14    Jackie Maniscalco:    Don’t forget about workers comp (current issue for us)!

00:37:22    Marlene Weiss:    we like to say we are a child-friendly office space!

00:37:28    Kate White:    I wonder how a gym gets insurance for their non-licensed childcare..?

00:37:29    Amanda Quick:    State Farm added a coworking section in their plans. We had to show our business plan, our floor plan, memberships, and childcare waiver.

00:38:07    Amanda Quick:    They just made us prove that we were more coworking than childcare.

00:40:40    Jackie Maniscalco:    It took us a few rounds of explanation as welll

00:42:19    Amanda Quick:    we’ve found it interesting that out of 40 members only 5 are using our childcare!

00:43:21    Martine Resnick:    whats the name of your space?

00:43:37    Jackie Maniscalco:    Naomi, have you hired caregivers?

00:43:57    Kira Sjoberg:    We ran pop-up coworking + childcare sessions in San Diego over the summer but it became very cumbersome and we had trouble getting general liability insurance.

00:44:18    Amanda Krochik:    Kira - that's really interesting!  What kind of space did you have/use?

00:44:27    Naomi Rasmussen:    space is called workafrolic

00:44:31    Kira Sjoberg:    So we’re focusing on opening our flagship permanent space now.

00:44:37    Martine Resnick:    awesome, congrats!!

00:44:40    Amanda Krochik:    Awesome!

00:44:43    Camille Galdes:    Yea-I really doubt they'll mind the delay

00:44:44    Amanda Krochik:    Where was the pop-up?  

00:44:48    Amanda Quick:    We had a delay and just over communicated and they were cool about it - they loved hearing about the progress and were cheering us on

00:44:56    Kira Sjoberg:    Zebo Coworking + Childcare.

00:45:23    Kate White:    I’m at work and feel weird talking to the group! But I found a kick*ss business partner for Third Space Coworking in Omaha ( who is helping me find commercial spaces for lease, set up conversations with architects, then (sooN) pursue investments. We’re planning on going whole hog with a licensed childcare space, pursuing employers who want to subsidize memberships for their new parent employees, etc. :D

00:45:38    Kate White:    (Can everyone share a link to their website or fb page or something?)

00:46:02    Kira Sjoberg:    We used a community room at a Montessori school. It was awesome but the work space and childcare was in the same room so that presented fun challenges :D

00:46:46    Kira Sjoberg:

00:47:03    Kira Sjoberg:    That sounds really great, Kate!

00:47:10    Kate White:    Thanks!

00:47:39    Kate White:    Yeah it’s been a mother to figure out. Will definitely share when we have the model figured out

00:47:53    Kate White:    Yeah I work in tech so it’s been kind of a natural fit

00:47:59    Martine Resnick: - were still pretty early in the process. but looking to start building the community ahead of time in the new year with the goal of a physical space by middle to end next year

00:48:08    Martine Resnick:    in Atlanta!

00:48:42    Martine Resnick:    eileen is my biz partner!

00:48:44    Camille Galdes:    our website:

00:48:55    Martine Resnick:    sorry my computer wouldnt type!!

00:49:00    Jackie Maniscalco:

00:49:00    Amanda Quick:    website

00:49:11    Kate White:    Tif, when do you think the fb group will be up? :)

00:49:15    Kira Sjoberg:    Is there a FB active now that we can join?

00:49:27    Stephanie Grinnan:    I’m a little late to share, but in CA you can have onsite child care of up to 3 hours if the parents remain onsite with out being licensed.

00:49:37    Amanda Krochik:    Thanks Stephanie!

00:50:10    Amanda Krochik:    I'm stuck at 2 and I feel like there's a world of difference between 2 and 3 or 4 hours

00:50:27    Kate White:    Thank you Tif!

00:50:29    Kate White:    you’re great!

00:50:30    Amanda Krochik:    Thank you!!!

00:50:33    Naomi Rasmussen:    thanks!

00:50:34    Amanda Quick:    Thank you!

00:50:40    Kira Sjoberg:    Thank you so much Tiffany!

00:50:44    Stephanie Grinnan:    thank you!

00:50:47    Camille Galdes:    yea i can definitely see 2 hours not being enough...trying to think of ways to supplement that

00:50:49    Martine Resnick:    thanks so much! and congrats to everyone for doing this!

00:50:53    Jackie Maniscalco:    Thank you!!

00:51:05    Camille Galdes:    Thank you!!

00:51:06    Camille Galdes:    byye