It Takes a Village

[In her first blog post, nido member Johnavae talks about what it has been like for her daughter to have been a part of nido since her infancy]

Quinn, my 20 month-old, has, to some degree, grown up at nido, or at least knows nido as an extension of home.  A caring community that oversees her little needs, wants, and adventures. Coming from Colorado…a long way from home, this is by all means welcomed by me, her dad, and missed by her older sister - who is now embarking on full-day adventures. Last January I learned about nido (a pilot project then) from a classmate, a friend.  Eager to learn what it means to participate in a community of like-minded individuals, who share a similar love for attachment to both their children and their creative minds, I was hooked. Sure, it is a bit of a burden at times to gather myself, my child and all of my belongings drive 20 minutes from Chapel Hill to Durham and do it all over again when the day is over, but for this past year…for her first year of life, I would do it all over again and then some. 

For those like me, who aren’t stay-at-home moms and don’t always have the time to connect with other moms or create playdates for their toddler and don’t want their child too far away from kisses and hugs during the day, nido is a blessing. Keeping her close is more for me than for her, though, I am sure, Quinn loves her nido home.  nido is in a class of its own. A nanny doesn’t offer the networking afforded to us from nido, nor does staying at home solve my need to work. A daycare takes her away from me, and well, there you go.

Quinn is her own little person now, shaped by a positive, loving community and wrapped in a mother’s determination to keep her close.  It has done wonders for sustaining her happiness and great smile, and truth is it hasn’t been so bad for my own growth either.  An opportunity to share my thoughts, fears, and dreams for my child in a safe place, with informed minds.  Quinn has adopted a family in nido, and for all purposes…so have I.