The In-Between Life

Thank you, Cindy, for this lovely post! Welcome to Nido! We're glad you're here. 

Being a business owner has many perks. You can set your own hours, don’t have to ask for time off to take vacations, and you are the boss. But when I became a business owner in early 2012, I was not prepared for how lonely it could be. The majority of my friends spent their days in offices or cubicles, chatting with co-workers, bonding over how mean the boss was, and lamenting their daily workload. In my world, I felt like I was going through everything by myself without anyone to talk to about daily issues or even triumphs.

I spent four years trying out all sorts of networking groups from Business Networking International to Chambers even specialized women’s business groups and although I did pick up some great friends and mentors along the way, I still didn’t have the community that I was seeking.

After I gave birth to my daughter earlier this year, I was lucky enough to find several groups in the area where I quickly made Mom friends. However, the challenges of juggling daily business management while taking care of my little one full-time one caused me constant stress. I felt like I wasn’t able to do either job very well at all. It became more and more difficult to schedule play-dates with other moms and when I did go, most of them didn’t understand my struggles. They had all made a choice- either continue working and put their child in daycare or stay at home full-time. I didn’t really fit into either one of those categories since I was trying to do both.

One day, I was reading something on the SoDu Parents Posse and came across a post about Nido. It was like one of the moments in a cartoon strip where the light bulb goes off over the character’s head.  I thought is it really possible that there is a place where I can continue to be a business owner but get a little help with my daughter during the week? Within a week, I was sitting in an interview with Lis and Tiffany, discussing membership.

Fast forward three months and I have now completed my first month at Nido. My daughter seems to really enjoy the teachers and other babies in her classroom. I have a space to do my work without worrying about her. And I think I might have finally found a community of other business owners who will understand my daily struggles. I am really looking forward to getting to know the other Nido members, learning about their businesses, and bonding over common business and parenting issues.