Bumps and Bruises

Another post from Cindy! Expressing what many of us parents feel on a weekly, if not daily, basis! 

Recently, my little one fell off the couch and bumped her head. She arrived at Nidowith a large bump on her forehead and I was immediately embarrassed, feeling like I had done something wrong. I spent the next hour (time that I should have been working) wondering why I was so upset. After all, she was still smiling and happy, playing with the other babies in the classroom. After some contemplation, it occurred to me that I might be sad because I couldn’t protect her from getting hurt. 

And then I remembered my own words to my mother just a few years ago. “Mom, you can’t protect me from everything. You always want to save me from anything bad that might happen but that’s just not realistic. Sometimes you have to let me just make mistakes.” 

My mom tried to save me from all kinds of things- bad friendships, food that she knew would make me sick but I wanted to eat anyway, even unexcused absences at school. Later in life, it became rude boyfriends, wrong job choices, and decisions to move to other locations. The older I got, the less I listened to her advice. I’m still standing. 

So I decided to give myself a break and realize this is probably the first of many times when I won’t be able to save my daughter from getting hurt. Hopefully as she gets a little older, I can teach her how to be careful and understand the consequences of her actions. And maybe she will be smarter than I was and understand that moms give good advice because they have more life experience.