The Montessori Method and post-parenthood self-creation

“The child becomes a person through work.” - Dr. Maria Montessori


In a Montessori environment, it is understood that the children are undergoing the intense and important work of self-creation. It is the adult’s job to set up an environment that allows the children to work on the skills they need to work on and then to get out of the way so that they child can lead his or her own development.

A large part of that self-creation takes place during the work cycle. This is the time of the day when children are given uninterrupted time and freedom to do the work they choose. The teacher (or, “guide”) is there to answer questions and give lessons when asked. By engaging in meaningful work that is the right match for a child’s abilities and developmental stage, the child learns valuable lessons of perseverance, focus, and care and deepens his or her understanding of self.

We believe that the same thing is going on in our coworking space.

The identity shift that comes with parenthood is monumental. It seems that everything is thrown into question, nothing is spared. Our whole world is centered on taking care of a tiny, adorable, and, for the most part, dependent being.

This can be delightful, but it can also be disorienting,

We believe that doing meaningful and engaging work as a parent can be a wonderful tool for re-defining the self in the chaotic first years of parenting. This doesn’t have to be in the traditional sense of “work” as paid employment. It could be making time for a craft project, volunteering at your church or co-op preschool, writing for one’s own enjoyment, taking part in a team or individual sport, or any of the many other activities available to us. What’s important is that it is meaningful and engaging.

The decision to follow the Montessori Method at nido started as one of practicality - we started nido at my house in Durham, NC, and my husband and I were already following the Method in our daughter’s environment - but it quickly became apparent to us that the principles of the Method speak to our overall mission at nido.

We hope to provide a space for whatever work you need to do. Yes, our focus is on freelancers and parent-entrepreneurs, but our membership base is diverse - writers, artists, photographers, and people that are taking the first step to figuring out what their work is. This is a place where you can feel supported as you engage in the process of post-parenthood self-creation - a place where your roles of parent and individual are both valued and nurtured.